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Speak Truth. Speak that truth in a pleasing manner. Never lie even it is pleasing to others. This is Sanaatana Dharma Bookmark and Share

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|| Dharmasya Jayosthu ||

Daivaadheenam Jagath Sarvam | Mantraadheenamthu Daivatham ||
Tan Mantram Braahmanaadheenam | Braahmano Mama Devatha ||

Welcome to
Viswa Kalyanam


"Viswakalyanam" is a Devotional Journey to educate & energize our society. 
This website guides you about Stotras, Vedamantras, Satsangas, Puja Services,
 Panchanga info. like Muhurtha, Vasthu, Jyotisha etc.,
We hope we can impart the right knowledge about Hinduism
and help well-versed Hindu Priests across the world. 
We wish to make this A Never Ending Devotional Journey.

Your feedback is important for us to improve.  
Please provide your valuable
feedback so we can serve you better.

|| Viswasya Kalyanamasthu ||



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